An exciting time

Well our young but “fierce” team was able to fend off a tough
Clemson Tigers program and brings us one step closer to our goal of winning a
College World Series. I am very proud of what our boys have done this year and
eager to see what we are capable of doing on a big stage.

It’s the night of the Draft and I am VERY excited…I’m also
ready for the Draft to be over with. It has been awesome to be thought of as a
“Top Prospect” over the last few years and I am anxious to see if my hard work
paid off in the eyes of a Major League organization. My three years of what
people like to call a “vacation” at ASU have been indescribable and I am ready
to finally pursue a career in playing our national pastime. Baseball has been my
dream job and it will feel weird to be paid to play a sport I love so much. I am
not very nervous to see where I am picked; actually I am curious and anxious to
see which team will be giving me my next opportunity.

I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts and experiences with you
all over the last month and appreciate everyone stopping by.  This is something
I’ll never forget.

Take care and GO DEVILS!


  1. sparky5252

    Congrats on going #8 in this years MLB draft!! I look forward to watching you play in the Queen City.


    Congrats on your #8 selection in the draft! As a recent ASU grad and lifetime Reds fan, I’m thrilled to see this and look forward to seeing you in uniform soon. But first, good luck in the CWS this weekend–I’ll be watching.


    Congratulations Mike. We are all very proud of you!! Good luck this week….we’ll be pulling for you.

  4. reds1977

    Believe it or not, you will have an LSU fan pulling for you in Omaha. My dad’s a lifelong Reds fan, and is making the trip to Rosenblatt to pull for the Tigers, and now he’s a Mike Leake fan. Good luck in Omaha, and with the Reds.



    It’s been great watching you for the past three years. It’s always sad to see you guys leave. But at the same time, it’s fun to watch and anticipate the pro careers of you Devils. Best of luck and kick but in Omaha. Go Devils!!


    ps. Your performance last weekend against Oral Roberts was unbelievable and so much fun to watch.


    Mike my name chico i intrduced myself to you at the portland airport after the beaver series i work for T stottlemyre congrats on going in top 10 you deserve it broght todd to clemson game you compete like know other and i can tell your a great kid its been an honor to watch you pitch during your asu career your very special out on the diamond good luck in omaha wish i was going went last year tell brandon cunningham hello good luck chico


    Congratulations, Mike! I’m a Reds fan (have been since I was about 8 I think) now living in Virginia.

    I won’t be rooting for the Sun Devils in Omaha (sorry – I’m a UVa grad), but I’m absolutely rooting for you as you get your pro career started in the Reds system.

    I’ve never seen you pitch but I’m looking forward to it — your stats this year are ridiculous. Whatever you’ve been doing, keep it up!

    If you’re a nice guy and hard-working and love to play the game, Cincinnati will LOVE you. My impression, just from reading your blog here and hearing your interview last night, is that you are those things.

    Best wishes for the future! Hope to see you in GABP in not too long.


  8. adambrody

    best of luck to you with the reds’ system. it’s been a ton of fun watching you pitch for ASU, and congrats on another pac-10 pitcher of the year season. give em hell in omaha.

  9. skeeter14

    Welcome to the Reds family! We have a great young team at the major league level that is already a contender and you are joining a core of young players within the organization that will be called up sooner rather than later, hopefully within the next 2-3 years! I can’t wait to see the New Big Red Machine take ahold of the NL Central for the next decade! While the Queen City isn’t the most flashy of cities, it is a great city in my humble opinion. I love it here and hope you will fall in love with it too. Can’t wait to watch you pitch in the college World Series! Good luck and GO DEVILS and GO REDS!

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