June 2009

An exciting time

Well our young but “fierce” team was able to fend off a tough
Clemson Tigers program and brings us one step closer to our goal of winning a
College World Series. I am very proud of what our boys have done this year and
eager to see what we are capable of doing on a big stage.

It’s the night of the Draft and I am VERY excited…I’m also
ready for the Draft to be over with. It has been awesome to be thought of as a
“Top Prospect” over the last few years and I am anxious to see if my hard work
paid off in the eyes of a Major League organization. My three years of what
people like to call a “vacation” at ASU have been indescribable and I am ready
to finally pursue a career in playing our national pastime. Baseball has been my
dream job and it will feel weird to be paid to play a sport I love so much. I am
not very nervous to see where I am picked; actually I am curious and anxious to
see which team will be giving me my next opportunity.

I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts and experiences with you
all over the last month and appreciate everyone stopping by.  This is something
I’ll never forget.

Take care and GO DEVILS!

Draft’s a week away, but Super Regionals come first!

Well, we survived our first test by fending off Kent St. and
Oral Roberts twice…both are really solid programs. Oral Roberts played us tough
and showed why they deserved to be a two seed. They were able to overcome a lot
of obstacles both before and during the season. I tip my hat to Coach Roberts
for having a very successful team with such limited resources off the bench.

I am proud of our guys for battling this weekend even though
we all feel that we did not play our best baseball. I would have liked to see
how we would have done if we put all our elements together.  With another tough
opponent in either Oklahoma State or Clemson in the Super Regional, we can’t
afford to slip up. Both are top notch teams and it will be a tough super
regional whoever we face. It would be nice to play Oklahoma St. because I know
Oliver and Lyons and it is Coach Holliday’s alum as well. Regardless, it will be
an exciting challenge to face a team we have not played yet.

I am happy for the guys on our squad and their
accomplishments thus far. However we have another road block coming our way and
we will have to prepare ourselves as best we can for this weekend. It’s just
another three game series in our season that we have to win to get where we need
to go.  Make no mistake about it, these are high pressure games with our season
on the line here.  But you have to remember to stay loose, focus on the task at
hand, not press and have fun…the rest should take care of itself. 

The draft is just over a week away but I am not letting it
get to me. When the 9th comes I will be excited to see where I go,
but I will have to wait until that day to get involved with that. Lots of
speculations and mock drafts going around, but you never know where you are
going to end up until your name is drawn from the hat. Right now my goal is for
our team to take care of business this coming weekend and worry about the next
obstacle at the appropriate time.

Thank you for your time! GO DEVILS!